Friday, July 13, 2007

Shoe Shopping & Packet Pickup

Two of my favorite things!!

Here are the new shoes:

They're Mizuno Wave Creation 8's and they're pretty sweet. I guess my dream of hot pink running shoes will have to wait a bit longer...

I went by Jack & Adam's for packet pickup. Here's what was included:

  • Race T-Shirt - Baseball-style, grey with navy sleeves. It has the Couple's Tri logo and a big 2 on the back. Cute!
  • Thermal Lunchbox - Soft & red with the Couple's Tri logo on the front in white. Great for stashing my after-race beers!
  • Swimcap - Red latex (to which I am allergic) which will inevitable be passed on to E. She got my pink one from the Rookie Tri.
  • Race Numbers - Tie wraps but no safety pins...
  • Event Schedule - Our wave starts at 8:12 AM
  • ChapStick - New Belgium beer logo on the front. This is a good sign that the after-race party will be awesome!
  • Clif Bar - Mini Cool Mint Chocolate one. Yummers.
  • Samples - Biofreeze and Shave Secret. I've used Biofreeze before, but I still haven't tried the Shave Secret samples from last race.
  • Coupon for a FREE PIZZA - 10" pizza from Austin's Pizza for free! Yeah!
  • Various other Fliers and Junk - Tossed the rest except for the Dilloman Double X Series cards. I don't know if I'll do the Dilloman, but it's at my beloved Pace Bend and it'd be great to race out there.

I'm so excited!!


Sharanya said...

GOOD LUCK, STEPH!!! You're gonna ROCK!! LOVE your new shoes. Blue too. And it sounds like you have a nicer goodie pack than I did for the rookie.. :( the coolest thing we got was a packet of electrolyte strips..

Ciara said...

How did it go?? How did it go??

Ciara said...

And yes - I loveddddd the T-Shirt...!! :)