Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dust Off the Cobwebs and Scrape Off the Rust

And so it begins again.

On Monday, I dusted off my running shoes, poor pariahs of my half marathon training. I walked half a mile, ran a fast mile, then walked another half mile. I haven't been on a treadmill in ages, but I felt OK with Ratatat blaring in my ears, providing a rhythm for my pace. And that's when it struck me...maybe I've been reluctant to run because my shoes are blown!

Tuesday, I started the morning with a swim at Stacy Pool. Two laps (133m) of pull buoy, two laps of freestyle and two laps of kickboard. I know, a paltry 400m, but I didn't want to overdo it considering how long it's been since my last swim. It felt great! And, I even got a compliment on my form. I will up each of these to 3 laps apiece next week. My training goal is to do a reasonably quick 600m without stopping before the race, which I think is very reasonable.

Last night, I went to Runtex to buy new shoes. Bernard, my shoe expert, informed me that I have been running in very heavy "big boy" shoes, so I ended up with some snazzy pink Wave Riders. I will probably wear Mizunos for the rest of my running days, but it was nice to try some other options to confirm that they are still right for me. :-) Yay for pink shoes!! Pictures coming soon...

Now, I am headed to my second yoga class of the week. I've been doing abs daily and I will ride the stationary bike 10 miles this evening. I REALLY need to get my bikes fixed...

Ta-ta for now!!