Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Post-race Recuperation

Boy, I have been EXHAUSTED the last couple days! Thankfully, I was not sore at all from the race, just tired.

During my swim workout on Monday, I fizzled about halfway through and had to swim laps with the buoy until everyone else was done. *SIGH* At least I showed up and gave it my best effort. Yesterday, we did hill repeats on Escarpment. I started a little later than everyone else, yet I was still determined NOT to finish last. I hoped to see a firefighter or two at the station along our route, but no luck! 8 repeats whizzed past and before I knew it I was back at the car with the coaches. A fellow trainee motivated me to run a little (we're talking eensy-weensy baby brick) before my popcycle. I actually felt pretty great!

I scored some 20$ cycling shorts at REI yesterday! They are normally 55$, so I was pretty stoked. Nothing exciting, but you know how I love gear!

Today, I feel a little tired but I am not the least bit sore, which I think is a really good sign. I will annihilate the hills at Jack's Generic!


Sharanya said...

Hey girl! Thanks for hanging back to help me out! It was really sweet of you. It's amazing how you're recovering so quickly, and still going on strong on the training sessions. Good job!

Ciara said...

Annihilate the hills!! haha....I like that attitude!!!