Monday, July 20, 2009

Coming to Terms with Injury

Boy, I didn't realize it had been so long...

Well, the hip pain turned out to be a stress fracture/reaction in my femur. Since the Rookie, I haven't been able to run a step. That race went well, but it left me vowing to NEVER race that course again (the water was beyond foul). It also left me in a good deal of pain, which a subsequent MRI, Xray and arthrogram revealed to be a much more severe injury than anticipated.

So, I sit back and watch everyone else racing, running, etc. Honestly, it is a bit depressing. I hoped to be ok'd to run last week, only to be told to stay off the leg for another 2-3 weeks. I'm being treated by Airrosti folks (a new approach for me) and I am hopeful that I will be running before the end of August.

Today, I'll dust off the workout clothes and devise some way to break a sweat in the gym without adversely affecting my hip. Wish me luck!!


Friday, May 8, 2009

From Limping to Jumping for Joy

A few days ago, I was suffering from serious pain in my right hip that had me limping for the better part of a month. A PT session brought temporary relief last Friday, but as of Tuesday night, I was convinced that I would have to trash my tri season plans due to this injury.

Mind you, the doctor hadn't yet diagnosed me with any particular injury (I see him on Tuesday), but I overheard my PTs discussing my symptoms and I jumped to conclusions. I decided that I'd torn something in my hip joint and I'd be out for weeks and weeks. I was even depressed about my possible lameness on my upcoming trip to Europe. In an effort to find some temporary relief before seeing the doctor, I returned to PT on Wednesday. Depressed and hurting, I didn't have high hopes.

My regular PT was out sick, so Bill, the intern, was to administer therapy. He helped out the previous Friday, so he knew what was going on with me. He started with a few assessments and adjustments, then it was on to exercises. Suffering just to lift my leg in a variety of bizarre and torturous ways, I was on the verge of tears for the better part of an hour. Finally, the awful session was over and it was time to head back to the office. The moment I stood up, I was shocked.

The pain was gone!

The combination of manipulations and intense exercises must have done the trick. I walked to my car, pain free, and felt the joy rising inside me. I'd spent so much time feeling sorry for myself that I wrote off the possibility that the injury COULD be fixed. It's been two and a half days with zero pain! It is truly amazing.

I've never been this close to dropping out of a race. I really feel for those of you who've missed races due to injury and I have new-found respect for my body. She's a good one, and I promise to take better care of her!

Come on people...Let's race!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Toughen up, Buttercup!

Before you read this post, check this out.

So...I've been and there. I've been biking sporadically. To say I am unprepared to swim a mile in 7 weeks is a gross understatement.

Why? What's going on? My list of grievances:

1. Running - I need a shin transplant. Or some painkillers. Or SOMETHING. Why can't I run pain free? This is getting old.

2. Biking - OK, this isn't that bad, but I am SO over the wind. I'm hesitant to bike into work on some days because the wind is so awful I feel like I have a flat. That being said, had a good ride over the weekend and will commute in tomorrow on the Beastie Bike.

3. Swimming - During my last swim, I was overcome with crazy motion sickness. WTF? This has never happened to me before, and I am a little concerned, to say the least. I hope to swim in the next couple days, so we'll see how that goes...

Now that the whiny-ness has been purged, I just need to get over it. The distances looming before me are nothing (see above noted article) and I am looking for the joy of training again. Have you seen it? Is it behind a curve on a sweet downhill? In the gentle breeze of my morning ride? How about in the dappled sunlight at the bottom of the pool? I know it's out there - I just have to toughen up and find it.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Long Time, No See

Well...It's been 3 months. As many of you know, I am a fan of lists, so here goes.

-Spent the holidays in El Paso and Ruidoso
-PR'd at 3M, both for HalfM and 10K distances!!!
-Injured my 'anterior tibialis' at running until March
-Started commuting to work on my bicycle and doing long training rides on the weekend
-Ran last week...1st time since the week after 3M
-First successful 3 mile training run last Sunday
-Currently registered for Cap10K, TexasRoundup 10K, The Rookie and CapTex Tri Oly

On Wednesday, I start a PR training program with Rogue. However, I did get an email yesterday saying that the group might be canceled due to lack of participation. I hope this isn't the case! Today, I plan to swim at lunch (the pool is so close!). After work, I'll do some quick weights and then off to yoga. Mercer may join me for an easy 3 tonight, otherwise I will go out on my own, probably after dark. Busy day! I guess it makes up for me falling asleep on the couch yesterday after work. :-)