Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Has it already been a week?

So, I'm already slacking. Bad sign, I know, but it's been a little hectic.

Last week was bad for swimming, meaning I didn't swim except for in my race. Boo to the rain!

Running...ran a full Marsh on Thursday. I may be crazy, but I thought it was fun! OK, I promise I'll never say that again. The mile run in the race was not so great. I had awful calf cramps from being under-hydrated. No good. My run time improved, so that's all that matters. Ran 6 miles on Sunday with no pain and very little soreness afterwards. I am back to considering doing an Olympic distance tri in the Fall.

And Cycling! The SW Parkway workout was fun, especially with my cycling computer! My max speed was 32.3 mph. Wheeeeee! The bike portion of the race felt a bit tough, but I still managed a 16.0 mph pace overall. Yeah!

Bradford and I both placed 1st in our divisions. We were given gold medals and everything. I liked being a medium-sized fish in a little pond!! Back to being the little guy in a lake at Jack's on Sunday. :-)


Ciara said...

Oooh...what race was this???

The Steph said...

The Tri TX 2 Step. :-)

Ciara said...

Oh cool...Milissa I think is the organizer? She was my 1st ever Tri coach at the Dell Gym! :)