Monday, October 20, 2008

Running is Easier than Updating my Blog

Yeah...somehow I can manage to run 4 days a week, but I can't seem to post more than once every few weeks. I guess part of me worries that someone will be bored to tears with my tedious reports and detailed accounts of the uber-obsessive sport of running. Yeah, I said it. I'm obsessed.

I don't know how many run workouts I shirked over the many times I told myself that I wasn't really capable of improving from my tried and true 11-12 minute mile pace, no matter the distance. But guess what? I was wrong.

After a long weekend of action-packed, drama-filled fun, New Braunfels-style, I felt less than prepared for yesterday's 10k. Why, you ask? Well, here's the breakdown:

1. 10+ hours in heels
2. 1 10-Year HS Reunion Party
3. 1 order of fries and gravy (WhatABurger...eww)
4. 6 hours of restless sleep
5. 1 wedding, including encounter with my 'favorite' cousin
6. -15 glasses of water
7. 1 serving mashed taters for dinner

I think you get the idea...

So when I woke up yesterday, my lips chapped from dehydration, the goal I set for this race seemed as achievable as retiring at 30. I wanted sub-10 minute miles. My pace calculator predicted this feat, but that was based on a 2 mile time trial that NEARLY KILLED ME. Edgy and cold, my patience grew short before the race and I knew I needed my mind as an body certainly had no reason to be on my side at that point. After a 2 mile warmup that all but crushed my remaining bits of confidence, we made our way to the start. With water bottle in hand and my running buddy at my side, I said a quick prayer and decided to bank on my weeks of training to defeat these days of under-preparation. I'm no math whiz, but it wasn't looking good.

My brain was fuzzy and serene until we entered the Domain. Spectators cheered their support, sipping lattes from steaming cups while I sweated and cursed myself silently. I didn't feel bad, I just didn't feel great. I limited myself to a few choice peeks at my watch to verify that all was not lost, but otherwise stayed 100% focused and about 95% silent the entire time. It wasn't until I neared the race clock at mile 5 that I actually felt exhilarated by the idea that I was still going to reach my goal. Virtually numb from the waist down, I finally neared the 6 mile marker and turned on to the final straightaway, lined on each side by Asha cheerleaders and team members.

To a symphony of cowbells and cheering spectators, I crossed the finish line as a wave of nausea sent me staggering to the fence. Desperately, I tried to find a way through lest I make a huge mess by barfing on the pavement. Kristin finished at that moment and thankfully I was able to pull the focus away from how bad I felt and check on my running partner. We 'floated' away on numb legs, dizzy heads luring us to a water table nearby. After working briefly on Kristin's seizing calf, we made our way to the Asha tent. After hugs and high-fives, I made a pitiful attempt to stretch and looked again at my watch. It confirmed that I had, in fact, completed the race in time to reach my goal.

1:00:44 overall

I won't say that it was as much fun as a tri, but I felt pretty darn good about the work I did yesterday. For that matter, ALL of my team members and friends who races feel pretty darn good about yesterday. Everyone did an amazing job racing and showing support! Thanks to all of you who made my experience such an amazing one. Oh yeah, and one final thing: