Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Getting back into the swing of things

So, training didn't really mesh so well with vacation! No worries, though. I swam alot and a hiked back and forth on the beach a bit, but I can't say that I actually trained while I was gone. It was SO much fun, I must say. Everyone at work keeps commenting on my tan, which I didn't even notice while I was in CA. I guess everyone out there is SO tan that I just felt like I was trying to catch up!

Tonight, I will be swimming with the group. It's not my normal night, but I have to go and get some instruction before Sunday's race. I feel pretty confident about it, though the swim and run are quite a but longer than the Rookie. I am pretty sure the run is going to be what plagues me in training and racing, but that's pretty good considering I was a runner before swimming and biking. I know I can get where I want to be...I just need to train harder!

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