Thursday, July 24, 2008


My race bike is still as awesome as I remember! Steph & I did 4 loops on the Veloway last Saturday and it was a GREAT ride. I am extremely excited about Sunday's race. Really, it's just a matter of getting my race stuff together and praying that my bad wrist and shoulder don't hurt too much.

I moved last weekend, so my legs are a lovely collection of blossoming bruises and scabbed up scrapes. Somehow, I've also managed to lose most of the tan I acquired in Mexico. Knowing my skin, I will suck up the sun while in my studly tri gear, leaving my upper thighs a splendid, pasty white.

I'm registered for Sweet & Twisted at the end of August. I'm excited about this race as the course is brand-new to me. I'm not worried at all about the increased distances, but I do feel like I need to train more/harder for the run. My life has been so hectic in the last month that I haven't done much at all in that arena.

It's about time for me to mosey down to the cafeteria and find some carb-o-rific meal. I'm struggling to hydrate - it really makes all the difference - but I think I may be low on salt because I have to go to the potty CONSTANTLY!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bike Prep~Race Plans

I plan to race on my, get this, race bike. Problem is, I haven't ridden it in months and both tires are flat. Hopefully, they don't need to be replaced, but I ride at 7am, so I have little time to wait around and see. Today will be the day that I finally buy a floor pump, no longer relying on the kindness of strangers to get air in my tubes. I've also been shuffling 1 pair of SPD pedals between my two road bikes, and I am just sick of it. Performance Bike, get ready to take my money in exchange for a cheap floor pump and another set of Forte SPDs. I need 'em.

In regards to the race, I did the same distance race in 1:29:40 last year. Here's the breakdown and my projected times:

Swim: 10:04, 3:21/100m pace
Slow, slow, slow. I hope to swim around a 2:30 pace. That puts my swim right around 7:30 minutes, give or take.

T1: 3:25
What was I doing? Catching my breath? Hehehe... I really want to work on this one. The goal time is 2:45. I have a hard time running from the water to the transition area, but I hope to do so this time. Then, it's towel >> jersey >> socks >> gloves >> shades >> helmet. I wonder if I can skip and of that...

Bike: 48:28, 13.74 mph pace
On the bike, I am hoping for a 17.5 mph pace. That would put me at around 38 minutes for the ride. The bike is where I can really make the most time. This is slower than my last race last year, but I am not in the same shape I was at the end of the season. My last race, I came in 43/245 in the bike portion, which I thought was quite a feat for lil ol' me. Honestly, I have no idea what will happen here. Also, the bike is shorter after a shorter swim. Uhhh...Who knows!?!

T2: 2:22
This is a pretty average transition time, but I might be able to shave a little off if I put my mind to it. Let's say this will be about 2:15.

Run: 25:20, 12:40 mph pace
*Sigh* The dreaded run. I really want to run sub 11 minute miles, but I just don't know if it's possible. We do the first bike >> run brick this weekend, so I hope my muscles remember what to do! Let's just say 23 minutes for this portion

Which adds up to: 1:13:30

Geez, that seems pretty fast...

Still, it's 10 minutes slower than Bradford's time at The Rookie last year. Truly, I just want a better time that last year's, but it would be awesome to hit my target!