Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To race or not to race?

Skeese Greets was a great race for me. :-)

I say that because I PR'd, and because my family was there, but there are a few things that I could have done better.

1. My swim pace was a little slower, increasing my swim time by 10 seconds overall. I guess this isn't too bad considering I hadn't been swimming in 2 weeks. It could be better.

2. I used one of those nifty aero bar water bottles, but I left the bendy straw extension at home. This made the bottle mostly worthless, so I didn't hydrate enough on the ride. Still, it was a killer ride and I was shocked by how empty transition was when I made it in. 43rd overall!

3. My run pace was slower by 10 seconds/mile. I kinda saw this coming, but I really want to get faster. I made it 1/3 of the way through the run before the leaders passed me going the other way. That felt pretty cool, despite all the people passing me.

Overall, I knocked a few minutes off my time thanks to the stellar bike leg.

So what's next? I thought I was done for the season, but Dilloman is so tempting...


Ciara said...

Wow!! That's awesome!!! Congratulations!!!!!

43rd overall!! Very nice!! (I'm goin crazy with all the exclamation marks!!! :) )

You defn have to do the Dillo! It's a fun fun race!

Sharanya said...

You need to take rest, babe! 2 weeks between races is too short.. besides you need to have enough energy to do the Longhorn tri with me!! ;)

Ciara said...

Sha's prob right - but I say check with your coach anyways and see what she recommends - my running coach ok'ed me to do a Sprint on a Sun after a 16-miler on Sat as long as I feel fine!