Monday, August 6, 2007

Jack's Generic Race Report

I spent days preparing , resting (aka missing practice) and eating well. The usual fluttering tummy and jangled nerves were barely noticeable. My parents even came to cheer me on!

Part 1: The Swim

I felt pretty comfortable during the swim. Though I saw a number of people from the heat behind me (all those tough 30-40 year-olds) closing in and passing, I didn't sweat it. I finished the swim in 13:09, with a pace of 2:38/M. My pace at the Couple's was 3:08, so that's a nice improvement!

T1 - 3:33, down from 4:42 at Couple's.

Part 2: The Bike

I must say, I really liked the bike course. I grew up in New Braunfels, so the backroads made me nostalgic and comfy. I had no mechanical problems or flats, though my loose water bottle cage just about vibrated the teeth out of my head. My 16.6 mph pace brought me in at 53:26. Despite an additional 3 miles added to this portion, I increased my bike pace by 2.2 mph over my Couple's pace. Yeah! I can't wait to race on my new bike...I can't imagine what a difference that will make.

T2 - 2:21, up from 1:55 at Couple's. Not sure what happened there, but I do remember catching my pedal on a rack, almost collapsing the whole thing! Whoops.

Part 3: The Run

Thanks to thoughtful hydration on the bike, my run felt pretty freakin' good. No cramps, just a twinge of pain in my hip that I stretched out last night. The run was a bit hilly, which I actually enjoyed. This is the first tri I ran without walking. My time was 35:54, an 11:58 pace. I really want to work on this, and I have already improved over my 13:08 pace at the Couple's, so I know it's possible. Once again, I think my new bike could make a huge difference.

So, Jack's is my new PR! Yay! I improved my pace in each sport, knocking about 10.5 minutes off my overall time! My final time for Jack's is 1:48:26.

Bradford and his best buddy Ben also raced. They did really well! Bradford finished in 1:19:12, down from 1:27:35 at Couple's. Woo hooo! Ben finished in 1:34:06. It was his first tri ever!


Sharanya said...

that's AWESOME!!!CONGRATS!!!!! You've really worked for this, and I'm really proud of you! Very impressive & very inspiring!

The Steph said...

Oh Sharanya, you are so sweet!! I couldn't do it without my awesome training buddies!

Ciara said...

Very very cool!!! Congratulations to both you and Bradford!!!