Thursday, July 24, 2008


My race bike is still as awesome as I remember! Steph & I did 4 loops on the Veloway last Saturday and it was a GREAT ride. I am extremely excited about Sunday's race. Really, it's just a matter of getting my race stuff together and praying that my bad wrist and shoulder don't hurt too much.

I moved last weekend, so my legs are a lovely collection of blossoming bruises and scabbed up scrapes. Somehow, I've also managed to lose most of the tan I acquired in Mexico. Knowing my skin, I will suck up the sun while in my studly tri gear, leaving my upper thighs a splendid, pasty white.

I'm registered for Sweet & Twisted at the end of August. I'm excited about this race as the course is brand-new to me. I'm not worried at all about the increased distances, but I do feel like I need to train more/harder for the run. My life has been so hectic in the last month that I haven't done much at all in that arena.

It's about time for me to mosey down to the cafeteria and find some carb-o-rific meal. I'm struggling to hydrate - it really makes all the difference - but I think I may be low on salt because I have to go to the potty CONSTANTLY!

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